VOEZ Demo and 12 Song Update Coming Soon

Anyone looking to try out a rhythm game on the Switch will be able to sample VOEZ very soon. The demo for VOEZ includes three songs and has already been made available in the Japanese eShop with the NA and EU demo dropping sometime tomorrow. Those who are already enjoying their time tapping and sliding through the many songs in VOEZ on Switch will be happy to hear there are twelve more songs coming in the next planned update. This update is of course entirely free and will bring the Switch version of VOEZ up to a total of 146 playable songs for players to master on its three difficulties.

The demo for VOEZ is available for those with Japanese eShop accounts and will be available for everyone else sometime tomorrow. There is not currently a planned release date for the latest update for VOEZ, but until we get word on when you can expect the latest version to drop be sure to get a sampling of all the upcoming songs in the video below: