Chroma Lab Trailer Shows How to Play With VR Particles

Toys are nice.  Unlike a game there’s no real goal, so you can just pick up, play a bit, and move on feeling satisfied.  Chroma Lab is a VR toy where you can manipulate uncounted thousands of colorful particles, poking and prodding them however you see fit while making them pulse to music.  Each of the motion controllers has six tools to choose from, including attract, explode, sphere (which lets you trap a group of particles or use it as a bludgeon), and more, all of which have adjusters allowing you to control the effect’s intensity.  There’s also a menu packed with options, allowing you to change how the particles look, turn on gravity, speed up or slow down time, set the size and scale of the play area, etc.  There are even a number of prebuilt scenarios to choose from, giving a nice tour of the possibilities.  Whether you create a network of black holes and emitters to build a 3D river in space, or just load up particle-Earth from the scenarios and set Explode to low to slowly decimate the planet, Chroma Lab won’t judge.  The whole point of a toy is to be played with, and so long as you’re enjoying the experience it would be very hard to do it wrong.