Save Actual Trees With SEEDS

A short aside from the more popping announcements and reveals this week: Znavit Games and World Land Trust (WLT) have produced a collaboration game called SEEDS: The Magic Garden. Essentially, the game resembles a typical Match-3 title in appearance, but it’s actually about planting and growing trees — figuratively and literally. In the game, players are tasked with combating the beetle-cat Arni by saving nearly-extinct plants. Completing the game yields a certificate which will redeem funds that go to World Land Trust, whom then plant a real native tropical tree on the player’s behalf. The in-game currency can also be redeemed to save endangered trees. Now, the game’s pricing model isn’t out yet so it may not be a premium app to begin with. But for those more inclined to help the environment… that may not matter as much.

See a video explanation of the game below. No hard release date information yet, but SEEDS: The Magic Garden is headed to the App Store and Google Play Store.