Screenshot Saturday Featuring Steel Assault, Legends of the Brawl, Many More

Screenshot Saturday is always the same old thing, but when that “old thing” is a massive shot of information on new games and returning favorites still in development it’s hard to complain.  This feature pulls roughly a dozen images from the pile based on the shallow criterion of how nifty it looks, although usually there’s more than enough to choose from that a couple more get added.  Limits are helpful but there’s no reason to be restrained by them.  Over the years the screenshots have given way to animations and gifs, because if a picture is worth a thousand words then a moving image carries even more value, so make sure to give them a click on the way by to see everything they’ve got to offer.

Neon Diver-  Explore underwater and see what you turn up, whether that be treasure, hidden passages, or a giant lovelorn octopus that seems like it might need a bit of help to mend its broken heart.

Manifest 99- Riding on a train in the afterlife from nowhere to into the unknown, you need to help your fellow travelers complete their journeys. Lonely creepy ghost-trains are the best trains, even when it turns out that there are more riders than are readily apparent.

The Road to Awe- Ambient exploration with every day seeing a new section added, 238 and counting with the last going to be completed on 12/31/17. It’s a freebie so you can either play now and watch it grow or take a single trip at the end of the year when it’s done.

Dandara- Metroidvania with a blatant disregard for the law of gravity, not that you can tell from this particular snippet. This would be a peek under the hood at a music track for a calmer section of the game.

Legends of the Brawl- Co-op brawler where the fighting forces of Good take on Rasputin’s nightmares. Teddy Roosevelt allows no commie shenanigans on his watch, and his punches of freedom are thrown for star-spangled justice. (Disclaimer- Anti-communism was a thing of the 50s, long after both Roosevelt and Rasputin’s time.)

Unnamed- No word on what this mecha-fishy may be from, but it’s certainly happy to be wherever it’s going to end up.

JASEM- Low-poly twin-stick arcade blastathon set to an electronic beat and filled with bright explosions and neon effects. Guns, missiles, flame-throwers, and bosses made from multiple destructible parts are all excellent ingredients to create a good shooter.

Odium: To the Core- A red eyeball trailing burning black fire shoots along the path towards… something. Probably a core of some type. It’s a little bit endless runner, a little Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet.

Steel Assault-  Originally designed as an 8-bit tribute, this has become more 16-bit over the course of its development, and would have fit in nicely to the arcades of the 90s.  Run, gun, and zipline into a ruined Washington DC to take on the fascist tyrant ruling from its well-defended heart.  The plot of the game has remained unchanged since its 2015 Kickstarter campaign.

Sternkind-  Not a whole lot to work with on this one, but the basic description is that of a boy wanting to escape Earth into the stars while seeing if there’s anyone up there to hang out with.  Sternkind roughly translates from German (very roughly) as “star child”, which feels appropriate for the description.

Hyper Parasite-  The aliens are invading the Earth after WWIII decimated it in the 80s, and it’s up to you to further the cause of grinding the human population into the dust.  As a parasite you can hop from one host to the next, constantly changing host and adapting on the fly to its new abilities.  Most levels probably won’t have 100 humans chasing after you but it definitely looks like it could be fun if it happens.

Null Vector- Vector-style arcade shooter with a good helping of roguelike added to its makeup. Shoot everything, get random stackable powerups, survive as long as possible before dying to start all over again. It’s the circle of arcade life.

Planet Bash-  Be the moon and smush a planet.  There’s probably a bit more to it than that but the game is so early there’s not much more to go on.  Honestly, though, the concept alone is enough to carry it.

Bonus Images

Away- The post-convention feeling in a handy one-second loop. Attendee, press, or exhibitor, the final result is the same.

Lonely Mountain- See above.