Blank Manta is Ready to Make a Splash in Injustice 2

Black Manta, one of Aquaman’s infamous enemies, is ready for vengeance in Injustice 2.

A longtime foe of Aquaman, Black Manta finally arrives in Injustice 2 following high fan-demand. Wearing his iconic diving suit and helmet with large red eyes, Black Manta manages to strike an imposing pose. However, it’ll be his moveset that will excite players.

Black Manta appears to be extremely fast with his dual-knives, which he uses to slice and dice his opponents. He also makes full use of his diving suit and equipment. Black Manta is capable of hovering above the battlefield, using a harpoon gun to pull enemies in close, and fire rockets. Those red eyes fire laserbeams capable of frying all his enemies.

Black Manta is the first DLC character to be released as part of Fighter Pack 2, and launches sometime in September. Raiden and Hellboy, the other two characters in Fighter Pack 2, will launch in the near future.