Destiny 2 Trophy List Rears its Head

With Destiny 2 less than two weeks out bits of information have started to slip through the well-sealed lips of Bungie, not coming directly from them of course. Most recent is a partial trophy list for Destiny 2 and even if only fourteen trophies can be seen it tells a lot about what to expect.

Being such a short list means that this is most certainly not the full list of trophies but it’s nice getting an idea of what’s in store, coming from the reliable source Exophase. The most notable trophy of the bunch is the ‘The Prestige’ revealing a possible title for the raid ‘Leviathan’ and the difficulty for Raids and Nightfalls called Prestige. While nothing about the raid has officially been shown, could this be the name of what’s in store for battle ready Guardians?

With the Red Legion invasion of the Cabal it would be more than a fitting name for Ghaul and his forces, a true Leviathan of force. Fans are already hard at work putting theories together, making the connection that the Leviathan achievement image looks like the symbol on a hoodie creative director Luke Smith has worn previously in presentations, even matching a certain piece of concept art.

Some of the other notable trophies cover the basic things Guardians will be doing with their time in Destiny 2, with another sea reference called ‘The Life Exotic’. Don’t know what’s going on with the sea theme of Destiny 2 but let’s just roll with it. More information about the raid is on the way but we won’t know more until after Destiny 2’s launch.

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