Fire Emblem Heroes Choose Your Legends Event Coming Soon

Before Fire Emblem Heroes launched, fans participated in a poll to vote for their favorite Fire Emblem characters with the result being eventual special versions of these characters in the mobile game at a later point. Now players are getting the chance to heat up and vote once again with the top 8 characters being pit against one another in a battle to see who is truly the strongest in the Voting Gauntlet event.

In addition to the Voting Gauntlet, the top 4 characters from the original poll will be available to summon in special brave themed outfits. These characters include Roy, Ike, Lucina and Lyn who will all be accessible to summon with special weapons and abilities not found on other characters. For those who don’t want to take the gamble that they miss out on their favorite of those top four don’t worry, each player will be able to choose one of their as a free 5 star hero to carry into battle immediately.

Finally, players will be able to play a brand new mini-game titled the Quick Hero Battle at the official Fire Emblem Heroes website which can reward players with orbs, special wallpapers and other items. This game will be accessible through mobile browsers, incorporating the traditional weapon tree found in Fire Emblem titles for short and simple play sessions.

All these updates will be available starting August 31. Check out the video below for even more detailed information on what’s to come!