The Windjammers Retro Launch Trailer is a Thing of Beauty

As the likes of Sonic Mania and Strafe have shown, there is definitely a huge amount of glee to be had in seeing current retro-styled games advertise themselves with mock live-action ads and trailers designed to appear straight out of the ’90s. But what about one for an actual game from the 1990s that never had a commercial (as far as we can tell)? Well, that’s where DotEmu comes in with their launch of Windjammers. The 1994 Neo-Geo flying power disc game gets the ad it more than deserves for its return, as you can see below.

Aside from capturing the spirit of the era and showcasing the game in action with an emphasis on how revolutionary it is (330 MEGABITS OF PURE POWER!!!), the new clip also takes the time to highlight the new additions to this version, namely the use of the “Internet technology of the future” to allow for online multiplayer and a new ranked mode. Windjammers hits the PS4 and Vita tomorrow on August 29 (with cross-buy for both platforms), and if such a trailer doesn’t convince you to pick up this game, then it’s possible that you may have no soul.