The Original Xbox One has Officially Been Discontinued

Microsoft has confirmed that production of the original Xbox One model is officially over.

The Xbox One model that first launched in 2013 is no more. While it’s still possible to find an original Xbox One if you’re willing to look hard enough, it will likely be used or one of the final models Microsoft ever made. In fact, the company hasn’t made an original Xbox One in over a year, confirming that production ended when the Xbox One S was first introduced.

“As is typical for the console industry, we stopped manufacturing the original Xbox One when we introduced Xbox One S,” a Microsoft spokesperson told Glixel.

The original Xbox One was first revealed in May 2013 at a highly criticized press conference. With a strong focus on TV and film and always-online connectivity, the Xbox One was blasted by players and critics for it’s lack of focus on games. Then Head of Xbox, Don Mattrick, poured more gasoline on the fire by telling irate fans to go buy an Xbox 360 if they wanted to play online. In 2014, Phil Spencer became Head of Xbox and began reversing many of Mattrick’s decisions, but it was too late. The PlayStation 4 quickly zoomed ahead of Xbox One.

Since then, Microsoft has launched the Xbox One S, a sleek and beautiful device meant to replace the eyesore that was the original Xbox One. Though Xbox One S became the centerpiece of Xbox’s marketing effort, the company continued to sell the original model at their stores. Despite a boost in sales, the Xbox One S has been unable to counter Sony’s efforts with PlayStation 4.

An updated model with vastly improved hardware, Xbox One X, is set to launch November 7, becoming the third Xbox One model since 2013.