Find Your Hidden Video Games in Mom Hid My Game

During the Nintendo Nindies Showcase, we saw all kinds of cool titles coming soon. So much so, that you won’t stop playing them and eventually your mom or other loved one will have to take it away from you. We’ve all been there before whether as punishment or just to get us away from the screen, but there is always a way to get your games back.

In Mom Hid My Game, you’ll need to point and click around various areas in order to locate your games. Some puzzles may be simple to solve such as clearing a bookshelf. However, your imagination comes into play as you’ll need to find a way to prop an alligators mouth open to retrieve the prize, as per usual in many households.

It will release on Switch and 3DS with exclusive stages to each. Mom Hid My Game is set to launch before 2017 comes to an end.