Major Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes Update Adds Territory Battles

Guilds can now compete in missions and challenges in order to capture territory in Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes.

Territory Battles is the latest major update for the two year old mobile game. The latest activity tasks guilds to work together, complete objectives, and earn as many Territory Points as possible to increase the guild’s star rating. The more stars a guild earns, the more rewards they’ll earn to spend in the in-game Guild Events Store.

Guilds can begin participating in Territory Battles today. Logging into the game, players will have access to the following activities:

  • Combat Missions – Players will create a squad of their choosing and battle through multiple waves of enemies.
  • Platoon Missions – Players can utilize their expanded collection by dedicating characters to certain slots to fill the allotment of each platoon. In addition to earning Territory Points, players can unlock abilities or buffs to be used in subsequent territories by filling enough platoons.
  • Special Missions – Similar to Combat Missions, Special Missions require specific characters in order to participate. Completing special missions will grant rare and unique rewards.

Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes is free to download now on iOS and Android devices. The game does feature microtransactions.