Morphies Law Heading En Masse to Switch & PC

It would seem Splatoon 2 may well be getting some company, as much healthy competition, so far as 4v4 competitive multiplayer on the Switch goes, as developer Cosmoscope have today unveiled their latest project. And much like Nintendo’s acclaimed turf-based shooter, Morphies Law is looking to add a unique twist to the shooter standard.

While the premise might remain the same — two teams of four aiming to score enough points to build their omnipresent mascot tall enough to win the match — the difference comes by way of the fact that depending on which part of your opponent’s body you target, said section will subsequently lose mass the more you hit it. But as a result, the more mass you steal from your opponent, the more that is added to your own character’s body. Meaning those with a larger amount of mass — and thus bigger bodies — become slower and easier to hit while those with less mass will increase in speed and movement. It’ll also affect, based on your size, how you traverse the map and may even restrict/open up possibilities as to where you can go.

Check out the game’s debut trailer below to get an idea on how this interesting mechanic plays out during battle. Morphies Law will be available for both PC & Switch this Winter.