World of Tanks Update 9.20 Adds 30-vs-30 Battles

Sure, slamming tanks into each other at any frequency is fun, but it’s hard to top doing so with sixty of them. World of Tanks players will now be able to experience just that as Wargaming has today released Update 9.20, which adds the 30-vs-30 Grand Battles mode and a full branch of Chinese tank destroyers. Along with these reinforcements, the update increases the combat parameters of several dozen vehicles spanning French, American, Soviet and Japanese Tech Trees.

Reserved for Tier X tanks only, the battles will take place on a large new map, Nebelburg, which measures a whopping 1.4kmx1.4km. Players will be able to earn Bonds from these matches, a new in-game currency that can be spent on Directives or Improved Equipment to supercharge their experience.

Check out a video detailing the update below: