tinyBuild Unveil Latest Project Pathologic 2

The notorious publisher of interestingly independant titles have unveiled the latest game in their growing catalog and it’s an open-World survivor by the name of Pathologic 2. Developed by Ice-Pick Lodge, the game takes place in a town that is currently being ravaged by a deadly plague. It’s up to the player to gather resources and decide for themselves who they save whilst — as you might expect from a survival game — keeping tab of their own health along the way.

One of the more critical points is that you only have 12 days to make your many choices as well as the fact that your own survival will become increasingly more difficult as your body begins to buckle under the strain and effects of the plague. You can barter, fight or stealth your way to acquiring items but no matter what path you take, you’ll still have a limited time to act. What’s more, in the same vain of fellow tinyBuild title Hello Neighbor, the publisher has announced that it will be rolling out closed Alpha builds in the coming months for fans to try/test out. Check out the game’s announcement trailer.