Undead Origin Character and Collector’s Edition Revealed For Divinity: Original Sin II

After being teased earlier this week, the final origin character for Divinity: Original Sin II has been revealed to be an undead chap by the name of Fane. The undead are a unique race, where healing potions damage them and poison weakens them. Their gruesome faces are so hideous that the mere sight of them will cause citizens to flee in terror and guards to attack them, something this writer can relate to.

Lucky for them, there is a magic item called the Mask of the Shapeshifter that allows them to assume the form and abilities of other races. This mask is not an item that can be purchased at the Divinity equivalent of Walgreens, because what fun would that be? To construct a Mask of the Shapeshifter, one must rip the face from a freshly fallen corpse and do some necromantic stuff to make the mask do its thing. More details about the process may be revealed in the final game. For example, the undead character can use this mask to take the form of a dwarf to negotiate better prices with a dwarf merchant or turn into an elf to use their corpse eater ability. Players can create multiple masks to use in a variety of situations.If a player doesn’t want to use an origin character but likes the idea of an undead character, they can custom build their own undead character, and further customize it by choosing the race it was prior to being a rather bony fellow.

For collector’s of video game memorabilia, the Divinity: Original Sin II Collector’s Edition looks like a nice addition to any collector’s cabinet. Limited to 1000 copies, this edition contains an assortment of collectible for any Divinity fan but the standout piece is the ten inch figure Fane with interchangeable heads. Other goodies include a lore book, art book and satin map. More details about the collector’s edition can be obtained from the Larian Studios online store.