Doom Digital Funko Pop!s Available on Quidd

Collect everything by blasting your way through Hell and back with a new set of Doom Funko Pop!s on the Quidd app. The latest installment of the classic series released last year to pretty high ratings. Now, fans can get more collectibles via digital figurines on their mobile devices.

Funko’s Doom products have been added to Quidd with a few to get. There is a very monstrous Cyberdemon to grab along with various Slayer figures. An Elite comes in red, Astronaut has white, Gold is…gold, American Hero has a patriotic ensemble and a regular green Slayer.

You might be lucky to grab a rare or low numbered figure but if not you can always try and trade. Download Quidd for iOS and Android or learn about here. Expand your digital collection in Hell!