Escape the Spiky Underworld of Two-Button Precision Platformer Necrosphere

Being dead is tougher than it seems.  Instead of just kicking about the afterlife you end up dumped in a giant labyrinth that can’t kill you again but is certainly going to try.  Necrosphere is a short but very difficult Metroidvania where a dead agent is dumped into the underworld after a mission goes wrong, and there’s a portal home somewhere if he can just beat his head enough times against all the devious traps and obstacles in the way.  It’s not made any easier that the entire game is played with two buttons, one for moving left and the other right.  The agent can’t jump or shoot but thankfully he can get by without it, focusing all his energy on precision movement, with any air time given by the bubbles kicking around the labyrinth and, eventually, a jetpack pickup.

If you know what you’re doing it’s a short little adventure, but dying enough to learn Necrosphere’s patterns adds a good amount of time to the adventure.  If you’re good enough, though, there’s a speed-run contest where the fastest time wins a custom controller designed specifically for the game.  Of course, by the time you’ve earned it you’ll already be dialed in so far to the game’s precision controls that you probably won’t need it any more, but it’s still a great-looking piece of gaming hardware and it’s hard to pass up the bragging rights that come with winning.

Necrosphere launched on the usual gaming portals today (Steam,, GameJolt) with a demo available for those who want a taste of the action before diving in.  Check out the trailer below to see it in action, but be warned that for every screen it sails effortlessly through there were a whole lot of deaths happening off camera.