Total War: ARENA Close Beta Begins

It has been years and months in the making but Total War: ARENA is making its way toward release. Today marks the first day of the game’s closed beta testing. We got to check it out recently at E3 and it sure is changing the tides of its war game genre.

Players can check out various legendary armies throughout history as led by historic figures. Command the Greeks, Romans and Barbarians during beta tests by choosing Caesar, Leonidas or Boudica. There are 10 vs. 10 matches to take part in while commanding troops of over 100 units. It is real-time strategy on an epic scale and right down to the most minute details which could prove crucial for your survival.

After experimenting in the alpha stage, Creative Assembly were able to tweak the game in major ways for the next round. Whatever is learned here will bring Total War: ARENA even closer to completion. Visit the official website to sign up and learn more about the testing phase.