Why Does Destiny 2 Come Out on a Wednesday?

Destiny 2 is a less than a week away and fans are eager to get their hands on it as more information slowly doles itself out. One piece of information, however, seems to have fallen by the wayside. Destiny 2 is coming out on a Wednesday; it’s not news, but is significant. In the video game time frame this is…odd. It it doesn’t fit the norm of hitting the digital shelves Tuesday or even Friday in some cases, why would Bungie decided to take us out on Wednesday? Literally and figuratively.

Well, for one; it shows Destiny 2 knows how to do a date night properly. It’s mid-week and not a lot of couples are out, meaning more intimate time with a an eagerly-awaited game. Destiny 2 had to reschedule and it’s more than fare to give it all the time it needed. How many times has a date been set only to keep getting moved around. Destiny 2 figures the middle of the week works best because it can give us the most attention with the downtime of the week. Also, it fits logically when looking at an interview with Luke Smith on Games Radar.

“Our games at Bungie historically have their highest concurrency on the Saturday of their first week. And so, by going out on a Friday, I think we were putting our technical teams at a risk.”

Destiny 2 is coming out on Wednesday to ease up the stress of the big date and knows it’s important that when reinventing one’s self they want to be their best and brightest (light pun not intended.) No seriously, it’s easing up stress. The AAA titles of the game industry are known for coming out on Tuesdays and if not the usual Tuesday then following suit with releasing on Tuesday in NA, releasing Thursday in EU and UK Friday. It’s a well-worn roulette that all games follow. Bungie breaking rank though could lead to something more common for bigger games that rely on massive communities flocking into a server all at once. Knowing that it comes out on a Wednesday will hopefully ease this server stress and Bungie knows that stress all too well. Even the recent Destiny 2 PC beta had a rocky launch during the first day. It just comes with the territory of any online title. Companies must make sure they are absolutely ready for the massive waves of people flocking to their game.

Destiny 2, you’re looking great, we can’t wait to go out with you and shoot space guns against hordes of evil trying to take away something so precious… you. You’re worth it and we love you for it, thank you for considering that maybe the overcrowded restaurant on a weekend just wouldn’t be the intimacy needed to make the moment special. Maybe, something came up, and that’s OK, you’re being honest and open about our relationship and that’s the most important thing. Even if we get off to a rocky start, we know you’ll turn it around because you’ve always cared. Thank you, can’t wait for date night, even if our favorite ramen shop is gone.

Ghaul will pay…. he will.

By the looks of it, Destiny 2 is confident enough in this first date night that it’s taking Guardians to an even swankier place a week after the first date. Better be raid ready because Destiny 2 is already planning for the week after the first date. Destiny 2 arrives on PS4 and Xbox One September 6 and will come to PC October 24, which is…a Sunday.