Footage of Pokémon Gold and Silver for Virtual Console Shows Gameplay

Pokémon Gold and Silver were highly regarded as being standout games and terrific sequels to the first Pokémon titles. They were released in November 1999 over in Japan and October 2000 for North America. Since then there have been remakes but now fans can re-experience the fun in its original format when Gold and Silver arrive for the 3DS Virtual Console.

On Nintendo’s Japanese YouTube account, a new video was posted to show off some of the gameplay one can expect. Check out the player’s beginnings in New Bark Town, battle wild Pokémon and catching some along the way. See some of the Slowpokes and Team Rocket members inhabiting Azalea Town. It also shows the encounter with legendary Pokémon! Everything is as it used to be with graphics and music to match. This time, players can transfer some Pokémon to the online bank system and send them over to newer versions if they choose.

Old school fans will love reminiscing with one of their first games while newcomers can check out its origins. Download your copy when the launch occurs on September 22. Watch the footage below for a few sneak peeks! Pre-orders are available in Japan, so if you’re going for that version, please follow the link for more information.