Get Tingled in First Trailer for New FMV Adventure

One of the stranger resurgences in recent years has been the return of FMV.  The long-dead and heavily mocked corpse of 90s gaming stopped being a poster-child for poorly used new tech and turned into an actual genre that uses its silliness to full effect.  That ridiculousness is being put to full use in the new game set in Chuck Tingle’s (NSFW!) world.  After a successful Kickstarter in 2016, the as-yet-unnamed* epic has been coming together nicely, as evidenced by its first pre-alpha trailer released today.  The first trailer is basically one long, entertaining non-sequitur, jumping from scene to scene without explaining how anything fits together, and that’s perfectly fine.  It’s got a ghost-pirate man/ape, a police unicorn, dynamic bear punching, a quivering butt made of jello, and rude text read from the back of a Star Control II PC box, and a good number of internet and real-life celebrities.  The whole thing is fantastically insane.  Check out the trailer below to see the (again, NSFW) madness in action.

* It’s very possible the full name is Pounded In the Butt by the Handsome Living Video Game Manifestation of the Life and Works of Dr Chuck Tingle, but that doesn’t seem to be official yet.  If not, it really should be.