Team SoloMid Win the NA LCS Grand Finals

Team Solomid have beaten Immortals to become NA’s number one seed going into Worlds and the NA LCS Summer Split Champions.

TSM is no stranger to taking home this title as it’s the sixth time they’ve done it in their history and the third straight win for them in championships. When it comes to the grand finals TSM has appeared in every single one since they started and have taken home 6 total.

Earlier during my prediction, it seems I was wrong. The site I used for circuit points apparently wasn’t updated to contain the current Summer Split points, but IMT will be NA’s second seed going into worlds after their loss.

So, TSM takes home the title and the number one seed and IMT will be the second seed. Competing in the gauntlet will be C9, CLG, DIG, FLY, and EnVy in that order. The bracket should be set up as follows: