Pokémon Duel Updates with New Features to Fight

The latest mobile game from the Pokémon series, Pokémon Duel, gives a unique spin to the action. That is meant to be figurative and literal! It features finely crafted, digital Pokémon figures that battle and train to be the very best. The latest update gives players some new ways to battle which should increase the intensity of matches in several ways!

Now, trainers get to create their own rooms with customized rules while Halls are made up of their own restrictions. Team matches will be held during events and earn rewards based on which team is victorious in the end. Some Pokémon will be able to reach higher levels by using certain items. Mega Evolutions come into play and can certainly shift the scene in your favor. Shiny Pokémon are also being added to give your collection a bit more glitz.

Check out some of the updates with the Pokémon Duel trailer below. Download the game now for iOS and Android to see it for yourself.