PAX West 2017: Armello Shines on Mobile Platforms

Digital board games are a great way to enjoy all the fun of tabletop in a format that will typically end up moving a little faster and often have more depth. That’s why the developers behind Armello initially wanted the game to launch on mobile platforms first. Now after over five years and multiple platform releases they are finally getting the chance to see the vision reached with the mobile version of Armello.

In Armello players start by choosing one of the animal clans to play as, with the goal being to overthrow the sick and dying king through a few different means. Whether they choose to fight the King, let him die of his own illness, collecting all the spirit stones or challenge his rot illness by making their own clan leader sick there are a variety of ways to approach victory in Armello. Three other players, be they friends or computers, are also aiming for the same goals. Throughout the board characters will travel, fight and try to stop those who stand in their path in order to be the next to claim the throne.

Armello is making its way to mobile in a way that players hope it would, without losing the original intent. It looks gorgeous whether played on a larger tablet or a smaller phone screen, and the flow isn’t lagged down even by the higher end 3D graphics not often seen in a mobile title. As Armello is mainly a multiplayer experience, players will be able to set up matches with others if they are connected to the internet and play just as they would on the other platform versions. Players can also still choose a single-player experience and play against computers without having to connect to the internet.

Perhaps one of the best things is that Armello will be free to play on mobile. It won’t be pulled down by a limited amount of plays per day and the only additional purchases are completely optional. On mobile players will start with four different clans to play as, with additional clans available to those who want to purchase them. The only other purchases includes alternate skins for the player’s dice for those who just want a little more flair. None of the in-game purchases include any sort of pay to win mechanics, so players won’t feel unbalanced if another has something they don’t. Instead the main clan purchases are left for those who really enjoy the title and want to expand their gameplay by trying different available characters.

The gorgeous Armello is setting itself up to make for an extremely positive experience on mobile. Anyone looking to pick up Armello will be able to on both iPhone and iPad later this year, with an Android version planned for a later release date. From the extremely lovable art style to its welcome approach to the free to play method, Armello will make for one of the most enjoyable digital board game experiences to come out yet.