PAX West 2017: Relive Classic RPGs with Legrand Legacy

Large scale turn-based RPGs have become far and few between these days, with new ones that make use of traditional styled turn-based combat even less common. In comes Legrand Legacy, a love letter to some of the most classic JRPGs with its own unique twists to the combat and storytelling. What started as a Kickstarter success has managed to make a name for itself as a full blown indie RPG inspired by beloved classics of the genre. Legrand Legacy manages to stand out among its inspirations by creating a lovingly crafted world for players to set foot into and experience.

Legrand Legacy’s story is one as classic as can be, a group of unsuspecting heroes must go on their journey to save the world. The story focuses on the characters and their growth, letting players experience visual novel styled conversations between them with animated illustrations of the many characters to add to the overall depth when telling the story. Occasionally between these visual novels and roaming the world, players will even be treated to beautiful in-game cinematics that add to the overall presentation of each character.

The visuals in Legrand Legacy feature gorgeous painted 3D backgrounds that the player will travel through, whether in a city or in a dungeon. Enemies are portrayed by large moving shadows on the overhead map while in a dungeon, and can be avoided or taken head on to initiate fights. While the still painted maps can occasionally be a little bit confusing at first glance, they are easily navigable with the help of small yellow arrows pointing out where the character can go or enter.

Combat in Legrand Legacy is turn-based, with all enemies and party members attacking at the same time. Once attacks are chosen, the player must complete quick button prompts which is key for battle as the more accurately the player presses the necessary button the more effective that character’s selected move will be. Characters and enemies are lined up in two rows, with characters in the back being harder to reach and those up front easier. Ranged attacks, be it magic or long-range weapons, can better reach the enemies in the back until those in the front are completely beaten and makes for important strategies when setting up the party. During the attack, enemy and ally character attacks can also be interrupted after being hit and result in that character doing nothing during the turn. In addition to turn-based combat, Legrand Legacy also features a variety of mini games where players can earn points to exchange for items and even tactical warfare segments of gameplay.

Legrand Legacy is a look back at classic RPGs with a more modern approach to many classic mechanics. It holds true to many RPG traditions while branching off to form its own experience that makes for a grand experience for RPG fans or those looking to hop into the genre with this title as their first try. Anyone hoping to hop on board with Legrand Legacy can look forward to picking it up soon, as it is still currently set for release later this month.