Blizzard Interviews Former Astronaut Daniel Barry

“How did StarCraft’s representation of space compare with your experience in space?” This was one of several questions posed to former astronaut Daniel Barry when he sat down to talk with Blizzard as part of a promotion for StarCraft Remastered. Over the course of the interview, Barry discussed his experiences training as an astronaut, his relationship with StarCraft, surprising aspects of space travel and even how one copy of StarCraft wound up going into space with him.

In 1999, he took a StarCraft game disc into space with him aboard the Space Shuttle Discovery during STS-96, the first mission to dock with the International Space Station. According to Barry, it wasn’t a planned promotion. He brought the game with him almost on a whim after talking with his family about which music CDs he should fly with. Blizzard didn’t know that he’d taken a copy with him until he returned and offered to give it to them.

Barry offered several other fascinating anecdotes during the interview, so it’s well worth the time of anyone with even a passing interest in either space or StarCraft.

For those interested, the full interview can be found below:

[UPDATE] This article mistakenly identified Daniel Barry as “Dave Barry”. This has been corrected.