Blizzard Opens eSports Arena in LA

Blizzard Entertainment now has a dedicated venue for most, if not all, of its eSports competitions. Dubbed “Blizzard Arena,” the structure is built specifically to accommodate eSports competitors and fans. The facility is equipped with several sound stages, control rooms and player lounges, making it capable of hosting multiple simultaneous events and broadcasts. It even has its own Blizzard store complete with a rotating selection of gear dependent upon the types of events being hosted at the time.

Several competitions are already scheduled for October this year, with the Overwatch Contenders Playoffs running October 7-8 and serving as Blizzard Arena’s grand opening event. Starting on October 13, the facility will host the Summer Championship of the Hearthstone Championship Tour for the entire weekend.

Blizzard Entertainment is the developer behind massively popular games such as Overwatch, Hearthstone, and World of Warcraft.