PAX West 2017: Run, Dodge and Shoot Like Crazy in Arrow Heads

Everyone loves a good party game, something lighthearted that is easy to pick up and play at any time. Something perhaps a little competitive but will also leave players laughing, or maybe shouting with friends, over colorful birds in arenas with deadly bows. That’s exactly what Oddbird Studio has done with Arrow Heads, a title where two to four players can pick up their weapons and head out into two different wild game modes to prove they’re truly number one, or work together to fight off waves of enemies while trying to stay alive as long as possible.

The main mode in Arrow Heads is the arena, this is where up to four players take their characters head to head and duel it out to see who is top bird. The first to ten kills will win and players can choose between a variety of different maps to fight on. These maps include occasional abilities to help the birds fight it out, but will also have some instant death traps to those not paying close attention to their surroundings. Once a player is defeated in battle they still have a chance to distract the others still alive, as players can flop around using their dead bodies in order to stun opponents and either help those still alive or have a fun time messing them up.

Aside from fighting one another, up to four players can also take on the arcade mode together. Arcade mode puts these bird companions side by side as they fight wave after wave of bears out to get them. The arcade mode is actually a bit of a training section for the regular multiplayer chaos, as each of these bears presents players with a different tactics opponents are likely to use in a normal online match. There are bears that like to shoot from far away, some who like to get up close to stun continually and even those who won’t attack unless they’re up close. This not only lets players learn about what they’re like up against with other players, but will also help with general accuracy and how to counter a lot of these types of opponents.

After these multiplayer battles, players will earn bird seed as their form of currency and after saving up, players will be able to unlock additional gear to take into matches. Players can pick out optional bird skins such as an owl or penguin and even play around with new weapons, such as a bow that shoots guitars. These won’t give players any sort of upper hand, but let players pick how exactly they want to look in the chaos of battle.

Arrow Heads is a seemingly simple game with easy controls to pick up and start playing, but will take some time to truly become an arrow shooting champion. Players can stay local to play or take it online to battle against strangers and friends from absolutely anywhere. There isn’t any sort of long wait either, as those who want to get Arrow Heads can look forward to picking it up on Steam later this month on September 21.