Final Mega Stones Available for Pokémon Sun and Moon

Trainers can finally complete their collection of Mega Stones as the last four have become available. They all happen to be related to Dragon-types too, so how about that! All you need is the special code DRACHE to get them all.

Just entering it once will get you the stones for Ampharos, Altaria, Latios and Latias. Three of them keep their Dragon-typing while Ampharos gains it. Any one of them could certainly help in battle though. And this comes right in time for trainers thinking about entering the Mega Melee competition online.

Visit the official Pokémon site for all the details on how to obtain the Mega Stones. Players have until October 31 to claim these four stones, so don’t delay. Prepare your teams for battle now that you can have every Mega Evolution!