Hunt: Showdown Third Developer Diary Features Level Design

Crytek has released the third developer diary for upcoming tactical-survival horror game Hunt: Showdown following the second and first. The third developer diary specifically goes into level design showcasing Hunt: Showdowns dedication to making a fantastic sandbox to play in.

Creative Director Magnus Larbrant states Hunt: Showdown will feature a 1k 1k map that will offer a diverse range of things throughout the environment including how the map itself will work. It sounds almost like the map is a living thing which is a monster in itself. This should add for some exciting matches where monster and player will be going toe-to-toe with players especially having to take it all in.

The core focus of Hunt: Showdown being about working as a duo that will require full tactical gameplay. Hunt wants the players to constantly be thinking about their surroundings because everything is out to kill the player or give the advantage to the other team in some way. This means things like creaking gates, startling crows or walking on broken glass. If players want to come out on top as the best monster hunters, they’ll have to give it their all.

Hunt: Showdown is a horror game without the jump scares, by incentivizing taking time with the environment and elements around the player the game builds tension. Crytek doesn’t want to show what’s fully behind the door, the player will just have to find out. Hunt: Showdown’s sandbox design takes in to account the A.I. as well, it will always spawn randomly along with spawn points and items. This will give way to even more diverse game play ensuring the same game is never played twice.

Crytek is playing a full deck, and they want to play to what the know, taking everything learned from previous series and playing to their strength. See the full video below: