LCS Gauntlet Predictions: Team Dignitas vs FlyQuest

The final portion of the LCS playoffs are here and it’s the rigorous Gauntlet. 4 teams are competing for the final spot at 2017 Worlds and for the teams playing today they have three days of hard work ahead assuming they make it to the Grand Final. Today, we have Team Dignitas taking on FlyQuest for their shot at Worlds.

DIG failed to lock up third place as they were pretty soundly defeated by CLG in three straight games. Even with that, they seem to have a lot of confidence going into this one with their coach, Cop, feeling like he can out draft anyone in League of Legends. Along with that Shrimp feels like Hai is the main focus of FlyQuest and that they can shut him down, thus shutting down everyone else.

I actually agree with Shrimp on the Hai statement, but this is a FlyQuest team we haven’t seen in weeks. They’ve had a lot of time to gel and come up with more strategies for those late game comebacks we love and just for the whole game in general. I think if DIG wants to get a win here they do need to focus Mid, but they can also focus Top and target Balls. That’s a formula that has worked for a lot of teams in the past and having Ssumday up there against him is a great thing.

The best thing for FLY has been having all this time off to work together and develop better strategies, but it’s also the worst thing. They haven’t played since week 9 of the LCS Regular Season and that feels like three weeks ago.

I think in order for them to have a chance here they’ll need to protect Balls up Top and probably go for the scaling champs. Like you, I don’t know what they’ve changed about their playstyle, but if it’s like it was during the Regular Season they’re some trouble. The Regular Season was a little rough, but they made it here unlike P1.

Those are the keys that I feel both teams need to win their match today and I think DIG will be the one’s taking it home. They floundered the last time I put my place in them, but against a team that hasn’t played in a very long time, I believe they should have a decent advantage having just exited the playoffs. I think DIG take it 3-1.

  • Team Dignitas vs FlyQuest (3-1)