LCS Gauntlet Predictions: FlyQuest vs Counter Logic Gaming

Well, I could not have been more wrong about DIG and FLY’s meeting. They just absolutely had their way with them from the looks of things.

FLY managed to keep DIG’s bot lane completely useless for the most part. Altec’s stat line through three games reads 2/9 while his partner Adrian’s is 0/10/10. As a team, they only managed to pick up 21 kills and 8 towers. They got nothing done at all.

Now, this sets up an interesting situation for FLY and CLG. I read a post earlier that brought up something I didn’t think about but FLY is the reason CLG wasn’t able to auto-qualify with points from last split. They took them out early in the playoffs en route to their fourth place finish. That finish allowed them to get enough points to make it into the gauntlet this split and they could prevent CLG from making it to Worlds again with a win.

How does CLG avoid misfortune another time around? They need some great macro. Looking at the charts FLY just worked them around the map all three games. The first game FLY avoided fights until they had Jarvan initiation, followed up by Galio and a Rumble ult. They just layered it each time and always around objectives. DIG just couldn’t get anything done. The second game they did what I thought they would do and target balls, but they never got anything off of those plays other than trade kills and a fed Renekton. They didn’t even get the first tower after two or three visits top.

So, CLG needs to not allow that. They need their bot lane to be existent against a WildTurle and LemonNation and they need to actually pick up objectives off of the plays they’re making. If CLG can manage to do that they might be able to make it out with a win. The problem is that I believe FLY will keep it close regardless and they’ll find a way late game to come back. They can do that better than anyone. So, I’m picking them in this match. Since playoffs, picks haven’t been going great so they’ll likely lose, but they just looked too good yesterday.

  • FlyQuest vs Counter Logic Gaming (3-2)