PAX West 2017: Becoming the Master of Platforming with Mystic Melee

Where there are more straightforward platformers, there are those that incorporate speed, challenging puzzles and close thoughtful combat. Mystic Melee lets players test their skills in a fun single player atmosphere and in turn take the handful of characters to a competitive online mode to play with friends. The one goal Mystic Melee wants from players is to learn the basics in order to become a master of magic, combat and physics.

If players choose the story mode they’ll be tossed into a simple level-based scenario with a familiar story accompanying it. An evil entity is threatening the galaxy and it’s up to a group of wizards to work together throughout their various lands in order to stop it. The multiplayer is of course a more arcade-like approach where players take on one another in an arena with a couple different of select modes available. No matter what mode players choose to take on first, they will be tackling a great physics engine that makes jumping and sliding around the screen lots of fun, while incorporating it into the many puzzles and challenges as well.

While going in solo, players will be one of four characters as they traverse through levels. These characters are all slightly different from speed to jumps and all four have unique weapons and abilities they are able to use throughout their various levels. In addition to reaching the end, players will need to collect select items along the way in order to finish. Fortunately these are placed in such a way that they are hard to miss, so there likely won’t be much back tracking to find any missed. Each level will time the player and grade them on how well they’ve done, which can in turn be posted on leaderboards in order to compare scores with friends or anyone else playing.

In the multiplayer up to four people can compete in two different game modes. The first has players trying to control an artifact for the longest amount of time while brawling it out in order to come out on top. The second has players in a more sports-like scenario, splitting competitors into two distinct teams as they try to score points in the opposing goal by hitting an orb around the stage while brawling with one another for control. Both multiplayer modes incorporate the use of special abilities, platforming and basic combat seen in the story mode so those looking to be the best on their team will want to master all three to really be the best.

Mystic Melee is a challenging yet rewarding experience that wants players to truly learn every mechanic it has to offer inside and out in order to become a true master of the art. Fortunately any mode the player chooses will teach them everything they need to know in order to tackle the other. Whether interested more in the multiplayer side or wanting to challenge the single player’s many trials, players can look forward to picking up Mystic Melee when it launches on September 19.