PAX West 2017: Punch Dudes Like a True Champion in Spartan Fist

There’s something incredibly satisfying about hand to hand combat in video games and even more so when it’s first person brawling. Spartan Fist takes it a step further by being a first-person rougelike title solely about punching the opponent so hard they explode while exploring through rooms filled to the brim with enemies out to stop anyone who appears. Add to this a cast of colorful enemies needing a good punching and therein lies what this title really is, a first-person look at what it’s like to beat up endless enemies in a fast paced arena setting.

Spartan Fist drops players into the battle, immediately setting them free to try out their new punching abilities and figure out where to go. Players can choose between multiple pathways in any direction and will travel through a short hallway before being locked into a large arena. In there enemies will come from every corner with fists ready for the punching action, but the player has fierce fists of their own to retaliate with immediately. While transitioning between rooms, players have a random chance of finding a new glove to wear into battle to help give them the advantage. These fists can vary in speed, strength and even special moves they’re able to pull off.

Despite being a fairly violent sounding premise, Spartan Fist offers a 3D pixelated art style that makes for action that isn’t too gruesome for younger audiences, while also still being incredibly satisfying to look at. The enemies are all hilariously notorious looking so players won’t feel bad hitting them until they really do explode into hundreds of pixelated blocks. The enemies alone aren’t the only obstacles players will face in each arena zone either, as traps and platforming over deadly pits will need to be conquered or avoided in order to defeat all the enemies in that particular room.

While making their way through room after room, players will notice that one usual mechanic seen in brawling titles was left out. Instead of being able to block, as is commonly associated with punching or boxing titles, players have a dash they can use. This allows them to quickly dodge away from enemies, or quickly through them in order to more orient themselves into a safer position. While the inclusion of blocking is still a tentative option for the work in progress title, the use of a dash instead of two large fists blocking the screen was chosen instead for the most current build.

For those truly interested in diving into the lore surrounding this crazed world trying to take down the hero, Spartan Fist will include a story for them to enjoy as they make their way through dangerous rooms filled with action. Anyone just looking to punch their way to victory can keep going without stop, leaving the remains of their exploded enemies in their wake. While there is no set in stone release date just yet, players can look forward to getting into the punching action in Spartan Fist early 2018.