PAX West 2017: Super Slime Arena is Simple Fun

What was just a class project started in 2013, Super Slime Arena has evolved into a simple and accessible arena fighter that is cute, goofy and lots of fun. The three man development crew at JellyTeam has also made Super Slime Arena work with pretty much any and all controllers, making it more than accessible for people who require special gamepads or the like.

The basic premise of Super Slime Arena is that you play as a random slime with a certain one-hit-K.O. attack, and when you die, you respawn as a different slime with a different attack. You’ll do this over and over until you’ve run out of lives, or you’re the last slime standing. The only buttons necessary are a joystick or d-pad, a jump button, and an attack button, so nearly any controller works. They even had a DJ Hero controller set up if you were brave enough to try and fight with it.

Even though I was terrible at it, Super Slime Arena was a lot of fun. Being thrown in the deep end having to learn a new character each time you die is a big challenge, making the super simple controls seem much harder than they are. If you find a slime you’re good with, though, you can go on a streak, getting a ton of kills in a row. They recommend six to eight players in a match (although you can have way more), but we were playing with twelve and boy was it hectic. So when you did go on a streak, it felt awesome.

The game mode I got to play, however, was only one of the five modes in Super Slime Arena. There is also an elimination mode, a pick-three mode where each player picks three slimes they can switch between, a gun-game style mode where with every kill you move on to the next slime, but when you die you get demoted, and a mode where everyone plays as the same slime. The team is also working to bring online multiplayer to Super Slime Arena and are thinking of doing a puzzle platforming campaign in the vein of Kirby and Sonic Heroes.

With 32 different slimes currently in the game ranging in size and abilities, their goal is to have the most characters in a fighting game. It’s a hefty goal as the record right now is over 200. They also have a ton of different maps, all with different styles and platforms, and even different music for every one.

Art-wise, Super Slime Arena draws from everything from Kirby to Super Famicom style games with a 16-bit, simple, round art style that’s cute and colorful.

Super Slime Arena has been Greenlit by Steam, so it will be coming to PC, Mac and Linux, but JellyTeam does want to bring it to consoles. And I hope it does, because it would be perfect on Switch. There’s no release date yet, so stick to Hardcore Gamer for more details.