LCS Gauntlet Predictions: Counter Logic Gaming vs Cloud9

Okay, the Gauntlet Finals are here and so long as I don’t get this one wrong I’ll be happy. FLY played well for one and a half games, but then it seems to have all fallen apart.

The first we saw FLY continuing their macro dominance and taking the first game in 30 minutes. The second it seemed to be going about the same and then they lost a big Baron fight and it was all downhill from there. CLG took a gold lead, Baron and later the game from FLY.

Now they have C9 who didn’t look so hot in their one and done playoff performance. C9 lost to DIG 3-1 who then lost to TSM 3-1. After that DIG lost to CLG 3-0 and followed that up with losing to FLY 3-0. What I’m trying to say is that C9 lost to a team that has since been dumpstered by every team they’ve faced since. It’s not a good look and doesn’t instill confidence, but all they have to do is win this one.

CLG played great today and got production from everyone. Huhi got his pocket pick in Aurelion Sol and Darshan had huge performances on Cho’Gath. One more match of playing good team League of Legends and they’ll be punching a ticket to Worlds 2017.

In order to thwart that I believe C9 will need to somehow have gotten back in form. They have the players that could turn this around and make any game that seems out of reach winnable during late game. They just can’t flounder like they did against DIG.

We all know and have seen Jensen take over matches and bring them back from the brink. He’s going to need help from either Impact or Ray, whoever gets the nod, and for their bot lane to just be stable. As always, I’m putting my faith in C9 and hoping that they can pull this off and at least get into the play-in stage for Worlds. I think they’ll take this one in 5.

  • Counter Logic Gaming vs Cloud9 (2-3)