PAX West 2017: Take on Wonderfully Creative Challenges with Tiny Bubbles

Anyone who has ever played with bubbles has likely been fascinated with either the way the move, float, change colors or even react with one another. Bubbles can react in very curious and sometimes unusual ways with one another which is part of what led to the creation of the upcoming title Tiny Bubbles, a unique look at the complex beautiful of bubble physics with a lovely dash of color.

Tiny Bubbles focuses on two different modes of gameplay, one which involves solving puzzles and another which is a quick-thinking arcade mode. Both modes include a wide assortment of levels and will typically incorporate the use of adding colors, popping or timing in order to complete the challenge. The most basic gameplay involves making four or more bubbles with similar colors touch, which causes them to disappear from the board and move any other bubbles still available closer together. Players only have a select amount of moves for each level and must think carefully before selecting how to proceed. When not adding colors, players will also be given the ability to break some of the lines connecting the bubbles in order to pop or combine two together.

In puzzle levels, players are presented with the objective and must figure out how to solve it with their limited moves. Some of these involve removing all bubbles in the stage, getting rid of only a select few or even having to guide sea stars trapped in bubbles closer together. Each puzzle takes a unique look at how to solve them, and after going through levels teaching the basics the game gradually begins to teach more advanced tactics. This can range from popping bubbles in the middle of disappearing in order to cause a second chain reaction, or growing bubbles quickly in size in order to shift where they’re touching.

The arcade mode in Tiny Bubbles takes a very different approach than the puzzles, and incorporates more random elements. Instead of predetermined moves players will have to deal with a random assortment each time they try or restart, with the core goal usually being to make the bubble bass small enough to fit within a small circle. Along with the core goal others such as keeping sea stars away from crabs or collecting a certain amount of colors will also come into play, making players need to plan out their strategies much quicker. A small fish in the arena will also add to the quick-thinking chaos by blowing its own colorful bubbles and often ruin plans as they’re in progress.

Tiny Bubbles looks simple and cute, but hides a truly enjoyable challenge that makes it fun to learn just exactly how these bubbles work in every aspect. Even when puzzles may take tons of trial and error, it feels like a great accomplishment when finally figuring out how to make it all flow and work together. There has likely never been another game that has so accurately captured the simple fun and random nature of the way bubbles react and it’s part of what makes Tiny Bubbles truly shine. Players who give Tiny Bubbles a go will realize playing with bubbles has always been fun and they should look forward to being able to try it out this fall when it releases to mobile and PC platforms.