Screenshot Saturday Featuring Inertial Drift, Pachacuti, Many More

Screenshot Saturday is the perfect day to find out about new things.  The outpouring of screens and animations of the week’s progress on hundreds of games guarantees there will be something new, sometimes even just announced that afternoon.  It’s a giant outpouring of effort, and this feature takes those hundreds of posts and squeezes it down to a dozen plus a bonus image, which really does leave quite a lot of excellent gaming behind.  It’s always worth paging through the day to see what you can find, even if your browser might get a bit creaky around the 500th animation.  For a smaller taste, though, check out the selection below, and remember that everything is far more interesting when it gets a chance to move.

Sinner: Sacrifice for Redemption- Fantasy-action boss fights where each encounter represents a sin of the protagonist. The sacrifice in the title is in reference to the stats you can give up on the quest to redeem yourself and not get squished, beaten, bludgeoned, or chowed down by (in this case) what seems to be the embodiment of gluttony.

Vulpine- Heavily-armed animals explore a world where other creatures are just as likely to be wielding swords, axes, hammers, and other non-animal-ish weapons in their jaws.  It’s an open-world survival of the fittest, and the map generation is utterly satisfying to see sprout into place.

Reliefs- Puzzle/platformer set in ancient Rome, although for some reason it’s got ruins instead of the new buildings that they’d have been back then. Questionable as its era may be, though, it’s got some very pretty environments to wander through.

Inertial Drift- Very early look at a twin-stick racing game specializing in drifting. Left stick is standard steering, right stick controls drift, and acceleration is at its usual home on the trigger. The developer describes it as a combination of Initial D and R4, so basically it’s an arcade racer made of Want!

Astral Traveler- Zip along a track that really could have benefited a bit from driver safety as part of the design. Sometimes you’re on the outside of a tube, other times on the inside, and then the platforming sections kick in. Plus there’s the occasional enemy to shoot down, because hyperspeed gravity-agnostic broken tracks littered with obstacles wasn’t quite challenging enough.

Nimbatus- Design drones and take them out into the hazards of space to see what you can find. This particular construction looks like a disco light gone mad, but it’s actually simpler than it seems. The spin makes the four lasers per drone wing have a larger effective area than they’d normally have just pointed straight ahead.

CometStriker- Horizontal shooter that plays like single-screen version Section Z with a hefty dose of bullet hell plus a teleport mechanic to zip through when the patterns get too dense to dodge.

Tactical Stealth Badger- Ok, so this perspective is better for a cut-scene than actual gameplay. Don’t care. It’s a tactical stealth badger, and therefore the deadliest, most effective espionage agent the world has ever known.

Wizard of Legend- Fast-action magic-slinging combat. Apparently too fast, because otherwise what possible use could one have for an Anchor of Burden? The black tendrils coming off all the items in the store should be a hint that they’re best avoided.

Signalis-  Sci-fi survival game that owes as much to Lovecraft as it does to Alien.  This tweet links to a thread’s-worth of ammo box designs, each one for a different caliber bullet and all of which have their own unique branding.  I chose this one out of the group because of the way it looks like the box for a VHS tape.

Vectorium-  Shooter that’s just announced today looking very twin-stick-y, but not confirmed.  There are no further details on this beyond what’s mentioned in the Twitter thread this links to, but the art style has evolved nicely from the developer’s previous game Split Bullet.

Pachacuti-  Action-platformer in the land of the Incas, like the original Castlevania games before Symphony of the Night redefined the series.  The main character can switch between an agile form for platforming and a beefier persona for combat.  The game is still a long ways off, though, because this level of meticulous hand-drawn animation isn’t quick when it’s one person taking care of the main character plus every enemy in the game, backgrounds, foregrounds, effects, and the millions of other things that need to be created along the way.

Bonus Image

Unnamed-  I can’t tell if this is a happy dancing button or a happy dancing bowl.  Maybe it’s a happy dancing bowl with a button in it.  Whatever else it may be it’s happy, and it’s dancing, and that’s more than enough.