Destiny 2 Sells Less Than Half of Original Destiny in UK

Bungie’s anticipated Destiny 2 has just launched and while initial sales in the UK have landed it top spot in the week’s chart, not to mention the honor of becoming the biggest game release of 2017 thus far, sales of the game (or at least physical and/or retail copies) are in fact down when compared to the original Destiny in 2014. Initial estimates of Destiny 2’s first week sales pin the game at selling through around 175,000 copies, compared to the original 2014 title which managed to sell around 417,000 copies within a similar time-frame — less than half of what its progenitor managed across all platforms it was available on. This doesn’t factor in digital copies though so expect that number to be somewhat higher.

Despite Sony pushing hard in their marketing for PS4 being the de facto console of choice for the game — not to mention having a fair bit of console-exclusive pre-order incentives — the split between PS4 and Xbox One copies sold was relatively balanced at around 58% to 42%. This is slightly higher than the original Destiny which was even closer at around 51% to 49% across both PS3/PS4 and Xbox 360/Xbox One. But all in all, Destiny 2 has seen a fairly good launch in terms of population with Bungie tweeting out during the weekend that the game has managed over a million concurrent players so far. Or around 1.2 million to be more precise.

Elsewhere in new releases this week, it hasn’t proved as successful a start for other sequels with the likes of Knack 2 only managing to climb as high as No. 12 in the UK charts with Monster Hunter Stories fairing even less at No. 21. If you want a low-down on how Destiny 2 fairs, you can check out our review of the game right here.