Dig Down and Reap Rewards in Deep Rock Galactic

It’s a wonder that no one has ever asked what a futuristic space-exploring group of dwarves would look like before this, because Deep Rock Galactic delivers the answer to that question and delves into all that it can be. In an amazing exercise of team work and communication, Deep Rock Galactic puts players in control of a group of dwarves who live for digging down as far as they can in order to discover the treasures and nightmarish creatures that await.

In Deep Rock Galactic, it’s up to none other than a team of dwarves to travel deep into mysterious caverns looking for treasures buried in the walls around them. The team consists of four characters, each with a gun, drill and their own specialties they bring to the team. All of these characters will help fight together against any encroaching enemies and gather materials, but some carry stronger weapons and secondary gear such as a drill to quickly break through dirt terrain in order to help progression go smoothly. The key is coordination and team work, so playing with others requires good communication and the ability to think quickly in tense situations.

When players are sent into the mines they have an objective to collect a certain amount of specified ores. As they travel through and begin collecting some of the additional ore, they’ll be able to buy helpful gear for aid. This can be a turret to help with oncoming waves of enemies or a healing station to patch up allies when in the middle of a tough fight. Fortunately ore is abundant enough there isn’t too much of a worry as long as players aren’t tossing out side gear constantly, but thinking ahead to what is the most useful. Once the collect amount ore is gathered, players send a message back and then have a limited amount of time to make it back to their ship. Fierce aliens will come and try to stop, and it becomes a battle of keeping them at bay while still moving forward in order to still make it out in one piece.

Deep Rock Galactic is a smart combination of resource gathering and first person combat. Teams are able to take their time if they like, exploring and gathering every last material along the way, or speed their way through a mission while taking only what is absolutely necessary. With each cave system being procedurally generated, is manages to feel like a new adventure each time when danger or gold could be around any corner. The mining itself is quick, making it easy to gather and continue on with ease, and shooting down huge alien monsters is extremely satisfying and challenging as more dangerous ones get involved.

If playing as badass dwarves in space isn’t enough of a reason to be interested in Deep Rock Galactic, the fluid gameplay and tense combat is worth making it a title to look out for. It’s easy enough to understand the basics quickly and dive in while having a good time, but complex enough that playing for hours will still manage to create new experiences deep in the mines. Players will be able to gather their team and start digging when Deep Rock Galactic launches early in 2018.