No Heroes Here is a Cannonball Creating Blast

What does a castle do when all the defending heroes are gone? They rely on anyone available to do their very best, of course! No Heroes Here is a multiplayer title where the only ones left to defend the castle aren’t heroes who can take enemies on head to head so instead they must defend it from a distance with the help of an endless supply of cannonballs, as long as they can put the ingredients together.

When evil forced begin to invade, friends but team up and work together in order to stop them from taking the keep. This is of course easier said than done, as these hard workers must start from scratch in order to defend their castle. When players take on the role of one of up to four characters, they must start by gathering ingredients and cooking them for use. After cooking the ingredients for a cannonball they must then be fashioned into an actual ball shape in order for them to fit in the cannon. Once the actual ball is placed in the cannon it can’t be fire quite yet, at least not before the gunpowder is made. After gathering gunpowder and adding it to the cannon players can finally shoot at oncoming enemies, quickly clean the cannon, and begin the process once again.

No Heroes Here relies heavily on cooperative teamwork. One player can’t handle the task alone, but two or more can take down waves of enemies by working together. As each ingredient for the cannon must be made, it’s up to players to decide who does what task in good time in order to defend their castle as best they can. Players must devise the best plan on action in order to create a well oiled machine to keep themselves safe from harm, whether it’s making sure there’s enough cannonballs at all time or keeping on top of basic ingredients.

While the two basic items used in each level will be gunpowder and cannonballs, certain levels will incorporate new challenges and items that players must work around. Some levels add honey in order to slow down oncoming enemies, while others have a fire that must stay lit in order to keep the castle from freezing. Players will take on all variety of enemies that play to the strengths and weaknesses of given levels, and even need to conquer bosses in order to continue. It certainly won’t be easy, but with no heroes around they truly are the only ones left to save their castle.

With a simple premise, No Heroes Here manages to create a complex and exciting management system that becomes a bit like figuring out a hard puzzle. Working together is the first step to saving the castle, but having to work around the unique designs of each castle level make for challenging and rewarding gameplay when managing to beat the level. While No Heroes Here is still being worked on and has no official release date yet, players should keep an eye out for this multiplayer castle defender when it finally releases.