Flip Wars Receiving a Huge Update

We got our hands on Flip Wars not too long ago and found it enjoyable yet lacking. However, a new update is on the way and will hopefully boost its playability! There is a lot being added to the game so let’s see what was revealed during the latest Nintendo Direct.

It was announced that Flip Wars will receive new stage hazards. Lava will heat up tiles spaces causing you to lose control of the character. A spinner item can be found traversing the floor, if bumped it will speed up and cover tiles in your color. Local online play is coming and that gives the game a huge plus. A different online battle mode puts you in a class in an attempt to reach the next threshold, it even features its own leaderboard.

While these may not seem like a lot of changes, players will instantly notice how much of a challenge some additions will be. At least you’ll also get to play together with friends now. Read our review for Flip Wars and look forward to the update of this action puzzle game very soon.