Ghost War Comes to the Wildlands

Ubisoft announces a new PvP mode called Ghost War will be coming to Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Wildlands. Ghost War will be released as free update sometime this fall, but prior to that there will be an open beta for Ghost War on all platforms September 21 through September 25. This standalone beta will be available for preload starting on September 19 and it will be available to current owners of Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Wildlands and new comers alike, so in other words everyone regardless of whether or not they own the base game, making this also a good opportunity for those who have been wanting to check out the game but haven’t done so.

Ghost War will have two teams of four (4v4) battle it out in a team deathmatch setting where good strategy, tactics and communication will be just as crucial to success as skill. Ghost War will feature twelve classes that fall into one of three categories: assault, marksman or support. Each of these classes will fulfill a specific function on the battlefield and they will have their distinct characteristics, weapons, perks and customization options. The open beta will feature six of these twelve classes and five of the eight maps. In order to help simulate a true military team based experience, new PvP mechanics will be introduced to this mode including suppressing fire and sound markers.

More information Ghost War and the new PVP content can watch the Ghost War Premiere on on Septmber 19 at 9:00 am PDT and will be rebroadcast at approximately 11:30 am PDT that same day. Early risers who can’t get enough of Ghost Recon on Twitch can tune into the four hour preshow starting at 5:00 am PDT. For our thoughts on Ghost Recon Wildlands, check out our review.