Octahedron is Square Enix Collective’s Latest Unveiling

From the above image alone, you can get a pretty clear idea that Octahedron — the latest addition to be announced by Square Enix Collective today — is certainly not the most calm or otherwise visually tepid title, even in a genre as grand as the beloved platformer. And the studio behind the game, developer Demimonde, isn’t shying away from the very blatant description of this being a “psychadelic action-adventure” in a World backed by thumping electronic music.

Octahedron — starring a character with a literal octahedron for a head — is a rhythm-focused platformer that will require you to create your own platforms in order to progress through a kaleidoscopic world of color, combatting varying foes and pitfalls alike. Octahedron will be released for PS4, Xbox One & PC sometime in 2018. Check out the game’s announcement trailer below.