Splatoon 2 Update Comes with New and Old Features

Splatoon 2 is constantly churning out new content almost every week. During the Nintendo Direct, it was announced that some more changes are coming. Fans can look forward to a couple of fresh additions as well as a fan favorite from the first game!

A new variation to the Brella weapon is on its way. The Tenta Brella is much larger than previous models. This allows for wider defense and trails of ink once launched. The special weapon is the Bubble Blower however, it is unknown at this time which sub weapon it will receive. But since we already know a little bit about it, players can plan its uses accordingly!

Next up is Snapper Canal, a brand new stage for Inklings to fight over. There is a body of water running along the middle which will be a huge hazard during Turf and Rank battles. Time your jumps perfectly to make it over the gap. It’s pretty much the only stage to have a feature like this. You are basically forced into making the that leap of faith if you want to earn a victory. There is no release date set for Snapper Canal but should be here soon.

Lastly is the return of Kelp Dome! This location was a big hit in Splatoon on the Wii U and now fans rejoice in its arrival to the sequel. It’s remained almost unchanged but of course there are new features to check out. Added grates can be found which allow you to slip below or shoot through. Extra turf is around your areas which is great for getting that coverage. Kelp Dome will be available to play in on Friday, September 15!