2K Details MyCareer Updates for WWE 2K18

WWE 2K18 is only one month away, and in addition to plenty of roster reveals, 2K has gradually started to shine the light on the enhancements that are inbound to this year’s wrestling simulator.

The title’s popular MyCareer mode is receiving a substantial portion of those upgrades, as the developer detailed in a recent blog post. 2K18’s MyCareer will feature two distinct story paths, Company Man and Fan Favorite, and a free-roaming backstage area, where players can interact with WWE Superstars to incite additional promos or matches. Speaking of promos, the promo system is receiving an overhaul as well, with a greater focus on overall cohesion as opposed to the simplistic heel or hero meter, while the MyCareer invasions will return with new ways for players to interact, including tag partners, ambushes and more.

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