Blizzard Addresses Toxic Behavior in Overwatch and Looks at Players for Slowing Down Development

In Blizzard’s latest Overwatch Developer Update video, Jeff Kaplan explains how toxicity from players is effecting play and what Blizzard and the community are doing about it. Blizzard assures fans they are working diligently and urges players to behave better maybe taking a look in the mirror.

Anyone who plays Overwatch is familiar with the toxic behavior that has become vehement in the last year, it’s only gone from bad to worse. Blizzard addressed this issue by rolling out the feature to report players and it’s seen active use. Fans have spoken up about how this isn’t working though, but with this recent video Jeff explains that maybe it isn’t just Blizzards fault.

Since the features’ launch Blizzard has taken action against 480,000 accounts due to behaviorally issues and 320,000 of those have been because of the reporting system. Blizzard assures fans they are working on this tirelessly; it is causing problems in other areas though for Blizzard, such as development.

The folks at Blizzard working on taking action against these issues and developing systems to ensure swift and decisive action against toxic players are also working on creating new content. This means taking away development time from new video shorts, characters and anything else that might make its way into Overwatch.

Blizzard is urging fans that they need to check their behavior as much as they are. While it’s a valid response, it also comes off as a blanket statement, anyone who plays online games knows that toxicity is going to find its way in somehow. This has been happening as long as online gaming has been around, now it’s up to developers to figure out how to curb it from the beginning. While the community being nicer to each other would of course be wonderful, it’s already there, unfortunately toxicity always seems to overshadow anything that might be considered positive.

See the full video below and stick around for everything Overwatch: