Divinity: Original Sin II Now Available on Steam and GOG


After being announced two years ago and arriving on Steam Early Access one year ago, the wait for Divinity: Original Sin II is finally over, provided the Ghent power outage issue has been resolved (more on that in the video below). Because the development team was working on this game up until the very last minute making sure everything was as close to perfect as possible, the French, German and Russian translations will not arrive until next week on September 21. Larian Studios chose to hold off to ensure that these translations would match the high standards of everything as opposed to releasing a substandard translations today (kind of like what Hardcore Gamer is doing with the review). On a more positive note, the Collector’s Editions are all boxed off and ready to go, so depending on country of residency those will arrive today, tomorrow or next week sometime. The hoodies on the other hand are caught up in customs, so they are also on their way but may arrive fashionably late.

As stated above, Hardcore Gamer has not yet reviewed and scored Divinity: Original Sin II but based on our time with the Early Access build and time with the complete version this is a title we are eager to spend more time with and look forward to sharing our complete review with everyone. For those eager for a review we do have some initial impressions of the complete version that hint at what might be in store for players of Divinity: Original Sin II. But like Swen says in the video says, if this is a game you end up enjoying tell your friends, not just because of his reasoning that it will allow Laraian Studios to continue making games like this but also because it does support online and local co-op and PvP.