Fugl Flies Like an Eagle to the Steam

The fantasy of being a bird is to fly free of all responsibility, swooping through the air or down to the ground depending on whim.  Get tired of the open sky and there’s a world to explore below, and when that gets crowded the world extends upwards forerever.  Fugl is a game about being a bird, flying through a blocky voxel world teeming with life covering a wonderfully intricate fantasy landscape of spires, cliffs, and blobby masses floating in the air.  The game is described as “a meditative experience”, which means the point is that there’s no point.  Fly through the world and see what you can discover, whether that be a great route through twisty caverns, fish jumping from the waters, or just a nice spot to land and perch while taking in the scenery.  Fugl is a chill-out game, with the emphasis being on how nice it feels to fly.

At the moment it needs to be mentioned that there’s a few Early Access launch-day jitters, with the game being crashier than it ought to be.  The developers are on it, collecting logs and working on patching it to stability, but be warned that Fugl might be a bit wobbly for the first few days.  There are a lot of plans for new game modes, biomes, creatures, and even VR later on, but right now the focus is on shoring up the framework to keep the game running smoothly.  When it does run right, though, it conveys a wonderful feeling of having a world under your wings, waiting to be explored by any bird curious enough to see what’s out there.