Yo-Kai Watch 2 Update Offers Strong Partners

The wacky and silly world of Yo-Kai Watch has been very entertaining for fans in Japan, North America and elsewhere. A small update for Yo-Kai Watch 2 games is now available and it allows you to obtain pretty strong Yo-Kai to use. It is called Oni Evolution and is available right now, so have your 3DS handy and give it a go.

Players with copies of Fleshy Souls and Bony Spirits will be able to find S-rank characters to join their team. Jibanyan S and Komasan S can be found in certain spots in the game, just talk with them and they’re yours. The upcoming release of Psychic Specters will have this update included and Komajiro S can be located in that game.

The Oni Evolution includes special bosses to fight in the Psychic Blasters mode. Anyone with a copy of the first two titles will be able to play with friends owning Psychic Specters and face characters only found in it. If you have Bony Spirits you take on Rubeus J while Fleshy Souls version pits you against Hardy Hound.

Finally, anyone with Fleshy Souls and/or Bony Spirits can link the games with the new Psychic Specters for bonus dungeon content. You’ll get the chance of befriending or battling specific Yo-Kai depending on the combination you use. Various gemstone Jibanyan characters and different Gargaros are available. You might also run into a brand new Yo-Kai too!

Psychic Specters will release on September 29 while the other two games are already available. Read more on the official Nintendo website to get the full scoop! Check out the video below for even more details.